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Automated Auditors, LLC

Customized and Affordable

Fraud Detection Services

-Software as a Service

-Accounts Payable Fraud Detection

-Vendor Fraud

-Loss Prevention Auditing

-Forensic Data Analysis

-Data Cleansing Services

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Accounts Payable Fraud Detection, Vendor File Maintenance


Automated Auditors, LLC has extensive experience conducting Accounts Payable Fraud Audits, including the identification of phantom vendors, employee fraud, fictitious invoices, and more.  We offer a customized and unique service, not an expensive off-the-shelf software.  Our prices are affordable; often, the recovery of identified duplicate payments alone can cover the cost of the audit.  Audits are flexible: run 1 algorithm or 10, depending upon your firm's needs. 

Data Cleansing, De-Duplication, Entity Resolution


As the old adage says “garbage in, garbage out”.  Let Automated Auditors solve your data quality problems by applying our 4 specialties: de-duplication, data matching, data standardization, and entity resolution.  Don’t let messy, disparate data generate inaccurate reports that you rely on for critical decision-making.

Customized Programming

Our analysts are experts in building SAS solutions to solve complex data problems across a variety of industries.  We have supported several Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) and Controllers, providing SAS programming support to resolve litigation disputes involving:  royalty fraud, accounts payable and receivable fraud, healthcare fraud, OFAC exclusion list screening, and vendor/supplier file management and entity resolution.

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