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Customized SAS Programming


Automated Auditors  has over 25 years of experience programming using SAS software:  Base/SAS, SAS/MACRO, SAS/STAT, SAS/ACCESS, SAS/GRAPH, hash tables, arrays, and more.  Messy data?  No problem.  Complex data merges and transformations?  Our pleasure. It doesn’t matter what your industry you’re in – you are undoubtedly surrounded by mountains of data.  We are here to help, whether that means preparing legacy data for migration to a new system, cleaning your supplier file, or consolidating data together for clinical trials or post-study analyses.


One of our recent projects involved parsing data from Justice.Gov news articles; because the articles were somewhat structured in the same format, we were able to extract the name of the person convicted of fraud, conviction date, city and state, amount of the fraud, and a full description of the allegation.  Using web-scraping software made it easy to combine all of the recent files into one text file, which we imported into our SAS scripts. 

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