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Forensic Data Analysis

When you partner with Automated Auditors to conduct an Accounts Payable (A/P) audit, you will get the benefits of seasoned experience combined with powerful data analytics.  Our A/P fraud detection algorithms and vendor audits have been instrumental in identifying vulnerabilities for a variety of organizations including NFL, U.S. Gypsum, Methode Electronics, USC hospital, and a military organization (confidential).

Why choose us? 


Because we have the expertise to develop concise, actionable alert-lists, and go the extra mile by consolidating all findings into an Executive Summary report.  This saves your team significant time that they would have been spent sifting through mountains of data reports.

Our full A/P fraud suite includes the following services:

  • Duplicate payment detection

  • Procurement Card (P-card) and A/P double dipping

  • P-Card aberrancy report

  • Vendor File Maintenance

  • Audit of the Master Vendor File

  • Travel and Expense reimbursements and A/P double dipping

  • Rounded-Amount Invoice Report

  • Vendor / Employee cross-check

  • Fictitious vendor report (Mail Drop cross-check)

  • OFAC Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) List cross-check

  • Sequential Invoice Numbering Report

  • Benford's Law Report

  • Amounts Just Below Approval Levels (also known as the "Nines" Report)

  • Unusual Spikes in Monthly Invoice Amount

  • Above Average Amounts per Vendor

  • Payments Dated or Created on a Holiday or Weekend

Accounts Payable Recovery

In addition to A/P fraud analysis, we conduct A/P recovery audits at a very competitive rate. While some recovery firms charge a contingency fee of up to 50%, we charge a maximum of 20% with a small upfront flat fee.  Using our proprietary algorithms, we find erroneous payments, duplicate payments (even the hard-to-find ones), missed rebates, and missed discounts.  Our staff works with vendors in a positive and effective way to achieve recoveries while maintaining the business relationship.


Accounts Receivable Collections

Out staff accounting expert is experienced in collecting open accounts receivables while maintaining a professional and positive attitude throughout the process.  Detailed notes are taken for each case, including emails, phone calls, amounts collected, and reported back to you at any time interval you would like.  She has worked in several industries such as:  construction, engineering, fiber optic communications, and transportation, securing over $65,000 in one case alone. 

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